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20 January 2011 @ 06:49 pm
Can you believe Jesus just came to earth to die for you and me. He died a very hard and painful death to save us all from the sin in this WORLD. You try dying on a cross. If you think Jesus did nothing for you then imagine yourself being nailed to a cross and whipped 39 times with pieces on metal and tips of bones on the tip of it. Imagine having a crown of twisted thorns on your head. Wouldn't you be scared. You could say that Jesus had a lot of guts. I mean I don't even have half the guts he's got. I honestly think that it His actions were brave and his motives were awesome. He died for all of us out of love. We are His children and you know how we treat Him? Like a piece of garbage. Most of the Christian  population claim that they are "Christians," but they are really hpocrites. These "Christians" have a what I like to call a pocket Jesus.  A pocket Jesus is a little action figure that you put in your pocket when you sin and do something against Jesus' will and then take it out when you are doing good things in His Name. You see, you can't run or hide from God. Now a days that's what people picture Jesus as now. A little action figure. God was here before you were even born, He was here before anything ever existed. He is the I AM!!!! He was here and He will always be here. Jesus did all these amazing things for you and even though you are not promised tomorrow, He at least gave you life and breath today. To make things right. Life is a beautiful thing that God has created. Every day is not promised to you so we should cherish it. Everyday... call it a gift from God becaus without Him you aren nothing. Don't wait. Become a Christian right now. Be A BELIEVER. Be His disciple. It't the least you could do for Him. You can't repay Him for what He has done for you. I mean come on He's loved you so much HE died for You and covered all of your sin. Jesus is always there with you, watching your every move. Don't think you could hide from Him because you can't. DON'T LET THE DARKNESS BLIND YOU. LOOK TO THE LIGHT!!!!!!! 
        GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!
Current Mood: pleasedpleased